We Do Windows… And More!

We’re hard working folks from Maine that believe that a customer deserves quality work…no, that’s wrong…great work…no, better yet, OUTSTANDING work from us at We Do Windows…and more! Thanks to my Dad’s exhortation, I have been handed down a tireless work ethic (thanks Dad) that is tough to satisfy, you know, for the customer that is hard to satisfy. I can identify, as I myself am such a consumer to my vendors and service people!

Anecdote: Just earlier this year in 2012, one particular customer (who had emigrated here from Germany) said that with a strong accent: “…I am meticulous, not easy to please and expect the best from the help I hire!” I responded with a smile and replied “…well then hire me, because I too…was raised with those same values and expectations, to give the absolute best to my customers!” We were hired. After cleaning several hundred French pane windows, picture windows, double hung and casement windows, cleaning dozens of screens, cleaning and/or vacuuming frames and tracks on doors and windows, my customer was very satisfied. She even called us back to do some more work! I have since developed a great relationship with that customer and have gotten references as well.

The truth be told, if the work is not exceptional, we cannot walk away from a job until it meets that standard. I will simply settle for nothing less! We love cleaning windows, sills and screens, etc. and putting a smile on our customer’s face. We also clean gutters and do pressure (power) washing, are thorough and are equipped for any terrestrial job. (Yes, we do go up a few flights and will soon go higher!)

There. How’s that. Just a tid-bit about us. I’ll let my customers say the rest…(just visit our testimonials page). Meanwhile, Dad, take no offense. In fact the legacy lives on. I have a son who feels the same way about me!

– John